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Redefining the Online Grocery World


Rebuilding with Real People

Samantha Leone

 Grocery Store Owner & Little League Coach 

Grocers Grow with Shopper.Run

Shopper.Run is a grocery shopping ecosystem built to connect communities through technology. We make it easy for grocers to connect with consumers online through branded apps, websites, engagement, data, and delivery/pickup.

Empowering real people is how

we rebuild what e-commerce dismantled.

The influx of impersonal buying experiences online has separated customers, runners, shoppers, vendors, and grocery store owners/managers from one another.

Shopper.Run is keeping the grocery experience local by amplifying, instead of replacing, the real people that buy, deliver, shop, grow and sell groceries.


The Moment Is Now for Grocery Shoppers

Grocery stores are more important than ever to the communities they serve. Shopper.Run makes it easy to connect with customers online while still offering a local and personal experience.

Showcase Local Artisans

A lot gets lost when products are sold online, including the story of the people who were passionate and bold enough to do things innovatively. Bring these stories to customers at the point of purchase with partner profiles.



Neighborhood Grocers

Local businesses need help competing with brands and companies investing billions to put them out of business. We’re looking for neighborhood leaders who can bring Shopper.Run to their community’s grocery stores.

Help Neighbors Shop

Shopper.Run Personal Shoppers are experienced individuals from all walks of life who aren’t just helping customers get the best groceries, they’re helping grocers stay local. 


Connect the Neighborhood

A team delivery professionals are shrinking the gap between the aisles of grocers and the front doors of customers.


The time has come for grocery retailers to transform

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