Become a Shopper.Run Rep




Community Rep.



 Shopper.Run empowers grocery stores and consumers to function at a hyper-local level—it redefines the online grocery world to create a personalized shopping experience. 

Shopper.Run is democratizing technology. It wants every grocery store in America to get a website and generate revenue online in these times. It understands that beyond being places for shopping, stores are cornerstones of the communities they operate in. Each of these communities have their own way of operating and Shopper.Run wants to help enrich that. 

In order to do so, Shopper.Run wants people from each community to tell us which store is in need of an online presence and open a conversation between Shopper.Run and the store. 

Every store you help sign up, means not only more income for you, but it means more jobs for your community, more revenue for an independent business and an overall positive change for everyone involved.

 What You Will Do 

You will be trained by Shopper.Run but act within your own communities to bring stores online and let Shopper.Run use its technology to do bring people together. 

We expect you to:

  • Know people in the grocery industry and be able to facilitate conversations with key stakeholders in each store/chain.

  • Be empathetic to the real challenges independent grocery stores face and be able to understand and relate to their concerns and goals.

  • Have a couple of years of experience in sales/management.

  • Be a responsible communicator: understand the training materials before starting a conversation with a store, communicate meeting schedules appropriately to both the store and Shopper.Run staff.

  • Dedicate about 8-10 hours to this endeavor in order to experience positive results in both meetings scheduled as well as closed, which will impact income.

  • Talk about Shopper.Run responsibly inside and outside your community and recommend our platform to other Community Reps that could use their expertise to generate more income for themselves.

  • Follow up quickly and effectively with all prospects.

  • Build strong relationships with grocery industry partners for long-term success.

 What are the benefits? 

  • Freedom to work in an environment that works for you (i.e. choose hours, meeting schedules, etc.)

  • Long term financial impact. Shopper.Run will pay each Shopper.Run Rep:

    • a fixed fee for every store signed

    • a percentage of their gross online revenues and of their gross online sales for as long as the store is with Shopper.Run and you are part of the Shopper.Run team

  • Possibility for a long-term career

 Skills Required 

  • Excellent presentation skills in both face-to-face and virtual settings.

  • Technologically savvy and adept at learning new tools and processes.

  • A natural networking style and willingness to take risks.

  • Excellent organization and prioritization skills.

  • Comfortable working in a rapidly changing and entrepreneurial environment.