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Support Your Community

By Shopping For Them


Flexible Hours


Give Back By Pitching In


High Earning Potential

Shopper.Run empowers grocery stores and consumers to function at a hyper-local level by redefining the online grocery world to create a personalized shopping experience.

We’ve created an online ecosystem where people use their connections and skills, on their own time, to support their communities.


I’m so proud to be making a difference in my community. My favorite customer is unable to leave her house, and knowing that I’m making life just a little easier for her by putting together her order and telling her about the recipes I like to cook—there’s nothing like it. Setting my hours lets me give back in my own way on my time while still being able to take care of my responsibilities at home.

Sarah Walker

Personal Shopper & Volleyball Coach

Why Become a Community Shopper

Neighborhood grocers need the help of their community to compete online against Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Shopper.Run uses technology to rally communities together and keep grocery local.


Make connections

Establish relationships with store owners, customers and more

Gain, grow & showcase expertise

Get familiar with organic, healthy, and speciality items


Optimize your hustle

Schedule and track earnings


An Extension of the Community

Personal Shoppers make getting fresh, healthy and essential items easy for the elderly, the immunocompromised and for any other customer whose lives are too hectic to make it to the store.

For customers, it’s not just about someone picking up the basics—it’s about having someone they can trust.

Choosing ripe produce, getting the right type of condiment and taking the time to make sure you’ve got the correct items makes all the difference. Building this trust with customers is also how Personal Shoppers get repeat business and secure future income.

Putting the Personal in Personal Shopping

Shopper.Run lets Personal Shoppers set their schedule and use their skills to increase their revenue. 

Customers choose who they want to fulfill their order based on the profiles Personal Shoppers create for themselves. Talking about expertise and getting personal about your relationship with grocery shopping goes a long way in creating long-lasting and lucrative connections.


Enriching the Community

Shopper.Run offers Personal Shoppers a place where going to work changes people’s lives. Every order a Personal Shopper completes, means more earned income, more jobs in the community, more revenue for independent businesses and an overall positive change for everyone involved.

Getting Started

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Onboarding & Training
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