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Shopper.Run empowers grocery stores and consumers to function at a hyper-local level by redefining the online grocery world to create a personalized shopping experience.

We’ve created an online ecosystem where people use their connections and skills, on their own time, to support their communities.

I was laid off from my job right as the Covid-19 crisis hit and was concerned about finding something new while millions were being laid off. Shopper.Run was recommend by a friend and I decided to give it a try. I’m thrilled to restart at a company with fantastic people who are helping me help my community.

Adam Johnson

Shopper.Run Rep & Bartender

Why Become a Community Rep

Neighborhood grocers need the help of their community to compete online against Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Shopper.Run uses technology to rally communities together and keep grocery local. 

Advocate for grocers

Develop and maintain clear communication 

Learn pitching fundamentals

Sell technology solutions to businesses

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Optimize your hustle

Track for lead lifecycles and earnings


Community Outreach

Shopper.Run Reps come from all walks of life and understand the needs of their community and their local grocers.


We’re looking for people to identify which business might need an online presence and open a conversation between Shopper.Run and the store. Representatives are trained by Shopper.Run to develop these skills to then help bring more people and more neighborhoods together through technology.

Enriching the Community

Shopper.Run offers Store Reps a place where going to work changes people’s lives. Every business a Shopper.Run Rep signs means more earned income, more jobs in the community, more revenue for independent businesses and an overall positive change for everyone involved.


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I don't look like a model. Do you work with everyday women?

We ONLY work with everyday women. All pictures on this website are showing our real boudoir clients. And guess what? Even models often don't look like models in real life. They have cellulite, stretch marks and acne like every other human being. Having confidence and believing in yourself is what makes fantastic pictures. The glamour & boudoir sessions are all about having fun, getting glammed up, dressed up and letting your hair down and forgetting about little insecurities. Treating yourself to new lingerie and beauty treatments before the session is a definite excitement and confidence builder!

I don't know how to pose. Will you guide me during a session?

Yes! You don't need to worry about a thing.
Astrid has over 10 years of experience in posing women and she is an author of the unique posing systemBoudoirFlow. So you can be sure that you always will be posed in the most flattering way and under the most flattering lighting. During the session, you will be given very simple and short directions on how to pose such as "bring your chin forward","look up at me with your eyes","put your left hand on your left thigh",etc. Astrid will also show you each pose personally and if you allow—she will help you to put a hands in the right position, fix your hair etc.

What should I wear on my boudoir photo session?

When you book your boudoir experience with Liberation Boudoir, you'll receive complimentary wardrobe consultation and emails that will give you ideas on where to shop, what to look for and how to dress for your body type! You also receive access to our Closet! Some Clients have been known to send us text images of themselves while their shopping to see if what they're looking at will photograph well! Preparing a Pinterest board with outfit ideas that you love is also a grat idea. From there we can always guide you towards the best choices. In your Boudoir Experience, there is included 5 complimentary outfit changes but you are more than welcome to bring more and we will help you to narrow it down. Some clients are bringing a suitcase full of stuff! No joking. Is always good to have options. But don't worry- You'll be super prepared by the time your session is here!

I'm a plus size woman—should I loose some weight before my shoot?

No- you are beautiful as you are right now. Astrid has a lot of experience working with curvy and plus size women and what we can tell- it DOES NOT matter what your size is when it comes to posing, lighting, and photographing you in the most flattering way possible, in a way that stays true to the authentic sexy that you are. With our unique posing system- Astrid can accentuate your curves and best features or take off some extra pounds and disguise features you might not love, just with her lighting and posing. Posing is an art form and our clients benefit from our years of experience posing all different body shapes! We pose our clients to bring to light their true beauty. Remember—boudoir is for EVERY WOMAN. At this moment, you are as perfect as ever, and as ready as ever, to take a beautiful look at yourself!

Will my photos be on your website? Can my photos be private?

We, of course, would LOVE to use images from our session together to show other women your amazing photos! HOWEVER we take privacy very seriously at our studio. Your photos will NEVER be shared without your explicit permission, a signed Privacy Policy agreement and a signed Model Release. We will honor whatever level of privacy you would like. Many clients are so proud of their images that they give us full discretion to choose images, some clients prefer to choose the images that are posted, some clients prefer that only their faceless pictures be put in our portfolio, and other clients are comfortable with anything being posted, as long as it’s after a certain date (for example after they gift the images).

Where will my Boudoir session take place?

Sessions take place in our beautiful loft-style professional photography studio with spectacular views of Miami. The studio is designed for boudoir and portrait sessions exclusively and located in the new Art and Entertainment District of Miami. Other locations for sessions are available upon request and additional fee. In our boudoir photography studio, we have multiple sets with different lighting, backdrops, and props to choose from. Hair and makeup is done right on location. We also accomadate guests from all over Florida and South Florida