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Work as a Shopper.Run Rep


Flexible Hours


Give Back By Pitching In


High Earning Potential

Shopper.Run empowers grocery stores and consumers to function at a hyper-local level by redefining the online grocery world to create a personalized shopping experience.

We’ve created an online ecosystem where people use their connections and skills, on their own time, to support their communities.


I was laid off from my job right as the Covid-19 crisis hit and was concerned about finding something new while millions were being laid off. Shopper.Run was recommend by a friend and I decided to give it a try. I’m thrilled to restart at a company with fantastic people who are helping me help my community.

Adam Johnson

Shopper.Run Rep & Bartender

Why Become a Community Rep

Neighborhood grocers need the help of their community to compete online against Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Shopper.Run uses technology to rally communities together and keep grocery local. 


Advocate for grocers

Develop and maintain clear communication 

Learn pitching fundamentals

Sell technology solutions to businesses

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Optimize your hustle

Track for lead lifecycles and earnings


Community Outreach

Shopper.Run Reps come from all walks of life and understand the needs of their community and their local grocers.


We’re looking for people to identify which business might need an online presence and open a conversation between Shopper.Run and the store. Representatives are trained by Shopper.Run to develop these skills to then help bring more people and more neighborhoods together through technology.

Enriching the Community

Shopper.Run offers Store Reps a place where going to work changes people’s lives. Every business a Shopper.Run Rep signs means more earned income, more jobs in the community, more revenue for independent businesses and an overall positive change for everyone involved.


Getting Started

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Remote Interview 
Onboarding & Training
Local Outreach & Lead Gen 
Download & Earn

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Work your way and keep grocery local

  • What will I be selling?
    Shopper.Run Community Reps are not responsible for selling our technology to grocery stores. Our team will handle the sales cycle, but you will be expected to open doors for our team with your local knowledge, the training we provide, and support materials. Once your lead has been signed, we encourage you to stay connected and act as their advocate during setup and once their new app, website, and general online presence go live.
  • Where and how will I generate leads?
    Shopper.Run Reps are deeply embedded in the communities where they live. We encourage all of our Reps to start with grocery stores where they have shopped at before. Use the training and materials Shopper.Run provides to reach the manager/owner and schedule them for a demo of Shopper.Run’s grocery ecosystem.
  • Am I responsible for nurturing the relationship?
    Yes, Shopper.Run Reps are expected and encouraged to support their grocers through the lifetime of their relationship with us. We want to hear what business owners are thinking and how they think we can improve.
  • How much money can I make?
    There is no limit to how much a Shopper.Run Rep can earn with Shopper.Run. Reps are paid for every grocery store they refer to us that joins the ecosystem. Shopper.Run Reps have the opportunity to reach into other neighborhoods as well and secure a long-term career. Shopper.Run is also in the process of rolling out a revenue share program where Reps earn a percentage of online revenue generated by the stores they’ve referred to us and are actively managing.
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